About us


About Us

Who are we and what are our objectives?


    1) To advance the sikh religion by promoting knowledge and understanding of its principles, in particular by:

        i. Encouraging the factual research of the sikh history in respect of Namdhari Sikh contribution thereof
        ii. Promoting Namdhari Sikhs and traditional sikh values and way of life.
        iii. Arranging visits of distinguished namdhari sikh preachers, saints, singers, artists and lecturers
        iv. Arranging sikh festivals, cultural and religious musical concerts for the benfit and enrichment of the community
        v. Acting as an "umbrella" organisation to the exisiting regional namdhari sikh Sangat committee's in the United Kindom

      2) To send funds to charitable funds to other charities and charities organisation in the United Kingdom an international organisations