Mission, Commitments and Values


Mission, Commitments and Values


To maintain and promote the religious and cultural beliefs of the Namdhari Sikh Sangat within the confines of domestic law


The Sadh Sangat is our first priority – We can best serve our community by continuously investing in the Sadh Sangat by way of providing information, resources, time, motivation and loyalty.

Exceptional Service - we are committed to sustaining the work of our committee by consistently providing exceptional levels of service and responsiveness.

Superior Value – We recognise that the Sadh Sangat and the wider community will judge us daily by the value of the work we do in upholding the truth. We are committed to exceeding their expectations.

Leaders who Serve – The Committee leaders are committed to serving the long-term interests of the Namdhari Sikh Sangat, and to be accessible, open-minded, and collectively accountable.


Professional Excellence – we will be innovative and ensure that we deal with all issues that arise with professionalism and quality of service

Continuous improvement – we will actively embrace continuous improvement, learning and change.

Results – Effort matters, but results matter more.

Passion – Passion for the Namdhari community and our values are the key to our work.

Equality – we will be respectful and fair with all members of the Namdhari community and will support all not considering age or gender.

Working Together – we recognise that success is dependent on working together and respecting the individual contributions made by everyone in the committee.

Objectivity and Integrity – We will not compromise our professional objectivity, integrity or independence

Responsibility – we each have a responsibility to the Namdhari Panth and to upholding the values of the Panth.

Balance – to be a collective success, it is important to sustain a reasonable balance between community work life and non –community work life.