Satguru Ji Updesh


Satguru Ji Updesh

Sermon 1
Your daily one hour nitnem, and
your daily bath with water in your hair, is ever so important. It should be performed everyday, till we part with our last breath........

It is our Satguru ji's command, but my request..., it does not matter if we have not eaten our food, neither does it matter that we have not performed our work rituals..., and more to the point, that it does not matter we have not done our other duties of the day... One should not forget to do his daily nitnem.....

If he cannot perform this task, it's not my hukam, it's gods command, he says one should be ready to die...

Sermon 2
Wake up early in the morning & actively take bath (sanekeshi) followed by nam simran & recitation of Gurbani. All make whole hearted effort to devote most of the time to meditation (nam simran). While you perform your daily vocational activities such as business or profession, you should do naam simran. With naam simran you will attain spiritual energy.

Sermon 3

We should ensure that we do not nurture hatred or jealously towards anybody. We should cultivate the seeds of patience & amnesty. If someone speaks bad to you, maintain patience & forgive him.

Sermon 4

All the members of family should meditate minimum for one hour daily. Every family should recite complete Path of Sri Aad Granth Sahib or Sri Dasam Granth Sahib in a month. You can bring your children to Sri Bhaini Sahib for lessons on recitation of Gurbani.

Sermon 5

All namdharis should work towards spreading the fragrance of teachings of His Holiness in the world so that we can attain salvation. It is very important that we all recite path of rehatnama by Satguru Ram Singh Ji and mold our lives as per the teachings written in the rahatnama.=

Sermon 6
Even if we are sick and bed ridden, our wordly ventures keep operating smoothly. You all know that many of your children have migrated to different countries such as Dubai, U.K, Africa or some other places , but even in their absence your business activities are operating. However, when we have to come to seek blessings of Satguru Ji or take part in religious ceremonies , we feel that in our absence our business ventures will be adversely affected. Even when we participate in a religious ceremony. our minds are diverted towards our worldly ventures. We are not able to listen to the sermons of Satguru Ji with concentration.

We do remember Satguru Ji, but only when something goes wrong in our business. This tendency should be avoided. Kabir Ji has written “ Kabir Kaam paraa Hari Simaria, Aaisa Simaria nit.”